September 2016 Income/Expenses

It was payday on Friday so time for the Income/Expenses!

September has been a very busy month. We are cracking on with the wedding planning (and saving!) while still working hard to increase our side hustles. I’ve been working with Huw to hopefully leverage some of his fantastic marketing experience and ideas in order to continue growing the website with more content and guides to help others boost their Matched Betting profits. I’ve got a huge list of things I want to do with the site and just not enough hours in the day to do them all whilst Matched Betting myself to prove it all works! I’m still excited to have launched the first video guide (on how to do really basic bet tracking spreadsheets) which can be found on my new Youtube channel. I’ve also started a new Twitter account dedicated purely to Matched Betting and posting some of the most profitable offers as I spot them. You can follow me @MatchedBetGuy.

From Matched Betting I made £2780.87 in September. I hit the inshop offers hard last month as well as taking on a few more casino offers then I would have done normally. Both of these have resulted in my best ever month for Matched Betting. Total profit over the past 11 months has been just over £18k so I’m really hoping to hit the £20k mark by the end of October which will mark my first full year of Matched Betting.

I was shocked to receive another payment from Kindle. Despite being restricted by Amazon it seems physical copies of my books continue to sell. I received £458.69 from Amazon in September.

I’ve also started building up an affiliate income stream from the Matched Betting guide sites I recommend. I personally use a couple of guide sites and truly believe they are well worth the investment. Affiliate income paid at the end of September was £592.70.


On to the report:


Salary: £2,541.35

Pension Contributions: £600

Matched Betting: £2,780.87

Kindle Publishing: £458.69

Affiliates: £592.70

Total: £6,973.61  (+39.8%)


Mortgage/Bills: £993

Groceries: £142.74

Petrol (Gas):  £19.55

Maintainance/DIY: £0

Eating out: £102.72

Healthcare: £11.69

Entertainment: £144.69

Wedding: £2501.5

Business: £140.01

Other: £0

Total: £4055.90 (+92.14%)

A savings difference of £2,917.71 which is 42%.


House Equity:  £37,500

Cash in bank: £22,328.81

Cash in betting accounts: £9,396.33

ISA Investments: £10,081.25

Pension 1: £17,886.91

Pension 2: £10,680.79

Pension 3: £1,212.85

Total Networth: £109,086 (+4.9%)

A hugely expensive month as I had to chuck £2k in the wedding savings account to remain on budget. I think we’re there now and should have enough to cover everything by April with regular £500 each monthly payments. A massive increase in income thanks to the extra matched betting + affiliate funds which helped boost the overall networth by nearly 5%.


7 thoughts on “September 2016 Income/Expenses

  1. Incredibly impressive month Guy.

    Weddings are like that – at the risk of considerable opprobrium, roll with it for a happy life!

    Your track to independence has not been dented to the least – may well be the most impressive thing.


  2. Very handy that the matched betting income paid for your wedding expenses this month – boom, just like that! Well, done another impressive month.

    • The thinking is that pension contributions add towards networth. Also as that money would otherwise be taken as received salary (if you didnt make any contributions) then it would be an income through that method also. Essentially it’s no different from taking your salary payment and putting it into a savings account, you’d still count that money as income even though its then put straight into a savings account.

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