October 2017 Networth

October 2017 Networth

For the past year or so I’ve really struggled to get my income/expenses reports done in time. The truth is i found them incredibly dull to calculate and produce as everything is pretty much just on autopilot these days as far as salary & expenses go. The only real variable is the Matched Betting income however that is extremely volatile and can go anywhere from 1k to 4k in a typical month without really much difference in effort on my part. I’ve therefore decided to get rid of the old income/expenses report and instead just keep a record of income earned and networth. 90% of my time on the old reports was spent categorising all spending and I can’t see much value in continuing that given that it rarely changes much from month to month now.

This month we took a break for a week away in Egypt as part of a late honeymoon paid for by generous wedding gifts. Following the shock of having to constantly count costs in Florida, we decided to go for an all-inclusive so that the only money required would be for tips and trips. This was the first time I’d ever gone to an all-inclusive resort and I can certainly see why they are so popular! Despite this, because of the recent fall in tourism to Egypt the overall cost of the holiday was very reasonable. Highlight of the trip for us was quad biking through the desert with an amazing lack of health & safety.


ERG & the new Mrs ERG. She tans much better than me.

From Matched Betting I made £2,173.29 in October. I’m extremely pleased with this as I was away for 1/4 of the month. As always, I go into a bit more detail on the Matched Betting Guy blog.

I’ve also started building up an affiliate income stream from the Matched Betting guide sites I recommend. I personally use a couple of guide sites and truly believe they are well worth the investment.  Affiliate income paid at the end of August was £257.25

On to the report:


Salary: £2363.49

Pension Contributions: £608.40

Matched Betting: £2,173.29

Affiliates: £257.25

Total: £5,402.43 (+11.6%)


House Equity:  £55,500

Cash in bank: £23,194.58

Cash in betting accounts: £21,366.62

ISA Investments: £17,206.21

Other Investments: £773.76

Pension 1: £20,170.35

Pension 2: £12,096.64

Pension 3: £9,854.91

Total Networth: £160,163 (+3.4%)

An increase of £5,202 this month which us only slightly below my total income for the month which is excellent as it shows investments returning to growth.

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