UK Blogs I Follow


Probably the most well known personal FI blog in the UK, Simple Living in Suffolk is the Ermine’s outlet for his witty and often brutal views on consumerism and the financial problems of those who choose to fund their excessive lifestyles from a mountain of debt.



The Investor runs the UK focused investing blog Monevator. He champions passive investing and provides some excellent reference materials for finding the best deals.



The FireStarter is slightly older than me and so closer to the dream of Financial Independence however we are both following a similar path. His blog focuses on cutting expenses, increasing savings and optimising your life through both financial and personal challenges.



Huw over at Financially Free by Forty has set himself the ambitious goal to be.. financially free by forty! Not only does he post some excellent content including information on side hussles, Huw also organises the UK PF Bloggers meetup.



Weenie over at her modest blog Quietly Saving tracks her journey of filling her ‘future fund’ which will provide financial independence. she discusses investment, finances and a healthy does of frugality.



Mr Z over at The Finance Zombie provides a healthy dose of dry humour amongst his mainly analytical posts. A relative newcomer to the UK FI Blog scene but already gathered a great following.




Do you run a UK based personal finance blog? Please get in touch and let me know. If I end up following it I’ll add yours to the list.