November 2017 Networth

November 2017 Networth

This past month has pretty much been on auto-pilot, which is ironic considering my recent thoughts on how boring personal finance can be. I spent quite alot of time speaking with my accountant trying to get my tax liability finally sorted. HMRC seem to have a real problem with me switching jobs during the last tax year whilst also running my own micro business and receiving various P11D company benefits.  Also annoying is that self assessment assumes you’ll continue making the same amount each year and so they’re trying to tax me 50% of the non-existent kindle earnings tax from this year in advance. Basically it’s a total mess and going to result in a tax bill of about £6000 in January. I’ll be very glad once it’s all settled

From Matched Betting I made £1,591.60 in November. A really quiet month with no major wins, just lots of little sports offers. As always, I go into a bit more detail on the Matched Betting Guy blog.

I’ve also started building up an affiliate income stream from the Matched Betting guide sites I recommend. I personally use a couple of guide sites and truly believe they are well worth the investment.  Affiliate income paid at the end of November was £229.04

On to the report:


Salary: £2126.70

Pension Contributions: £608.40

Matched Betting: £1,591.60

Affiliates: £229.04

Total: £4,555.74 (-15.7%)


House Equity:  £55,800

Cash in bank: £23,337.23

Cash in betting accounts: £24,058.22

ISA Investments: £17,337.57

Other Investments: £1,610.04

Pension 1: £19,848.83

Pension 2: £11,888.80

Pension 3: £10,230.28

Total Networth: £164,111 (+2.46%)


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