May 2016 Income/Expenses

May 2016 Income/Expenses

It was payday yesterday which means time for this month’s Income/Expenses!

May was another good month all round. We had an awesome mini-holiday to Sweden for the weekend to watch Eurovision, income was up from all sources and I quit my job. I’m looking forward to moving back to a nice local job with less stress and knowing the salary isn’t as important as it used to be so I can focus on other things. It’s now also less than a year away until I get married to my lovely finacee and shes done an excellent job of organising most of it so far!

Alongside my two main side incomes (Kindle & Betting) I’m starting to see a rise in affiliate income. This is mostly people clicking through the links on and signing up for the guide sites I recommend. Thank you to everyone who has done this and hopefully you’re all seeing some decent betting returns also.

From Matched Betting in May I made a total profit of £2,427.10. I had a few big wins which I talk a bit about on the MBG blog, but overall nothing particularly spectacular. The huge majority of my profit was from small £5-£20 wins which all add up over the course of the month.

I’ve not really touched Kindle all month as I’ve been waiting for Huw’s Kindle Publishing Course to come out and will work through the methodology in that to get started again. The Kindle income paid this month is from March’s earnings which is when I had a huge amount of pageviews across my books. Kindle Income was £2,114.97.

Google Analytics tells me we’ve had 6,068 pageviews from 1,667 users.

On to the report:


Salary: £1,819.33

Pension Contributions: £506

Share Save: £250

Matched Betting: £2,427.10

Kindle Publishing: £2,114.97

Affiliates: £386

Total: £7,503.40 (+27.56%)


Mortgage/Bills: £918

Groceries: £237.99

Petrol (Gas):  £10

Maintainance/DIY: £0

Eating out: £92.21

Healthcare: £4.38

Entertainment: £68.41

Wedding: £500

Business: £243.56

Other: £192.7

Total: £2267.25 (+20.45%)

A savings difference of £5,236.15 which is 70%.


House Equity:  £36,200

Cash in bank: £12,653.15

Cash in betting accounts: £4,800.08

ISA Investments: £7,738.43

Sharesave: £1500

Pension 1: £16,456.48

Pension 2: £6,658

Total Networth: £86,006.14 (+6.4%)

Both pension pots and the shares ISA holding level as the stock market seems a bit all over the place. Large increases in cash as we continue saving for the wedding and other expenses following. On the expenses side; An increase primarily due to the holiday (Sweden is expensive!) and investing in the betting/kindle businesses.

15 thoughts on “May 2016 Income/Expenses


    Wow. What an unbelievable month! Congratulations Guy, you totally deserve, as I have an insight into how hard you work on everything.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing mate! Inspired!

    ps. Thanks for the shout out! :-)

  2. Wow, nice income streams! Nice to see how much progress you’ve made on the income front compared to previous updates. Nice job!

    How many books have you published on Kindle? And how is the income distributed? (do you find it all comes from 1-2 top selling books, or is it reasonably even?)

    • Thank you Craig,
      I’ve got about 20 books published at the moment. Of those, perhaps 5 contribute a majority of the income and most of that is as a result of payments from ‘pages read’ by people subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.

  3. Forgive me if I’ve overlooked this, but have you done a post on your Kindle books – what you write about, how you market them and so on? I’m curious about how you built this income stream in a relatively short space of time.

    • Nope, you’ve not overlooked it because I’ve not made a post specifically about it. The main reason being that my methodology is based off of coaching from Huw @ He has already gone into detail about building up his Kindle business and has a course coming out soon to teach his methods so I’d point people towards his site and course for finding out more information on this. He explains it far better than I ever could!

  4. Hey Guy

    Wow – awesome income from Matched Betting and Kindle – do you really need that job? :-) Fantastic stuff, well done!

    I’m so jealous that you went to Sweden for Eurovision! Nothing like that ever happened while I was working in Stockholm (although I was out there when Sweden played England in the world cup – that was fun!) Hope you had a fantastic time – I’d love to go back there again.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Weenie. The day job certainly does have less and less weighting overall however I like the security of it and I’m sure will enjoy working at the new job from later this month.

      Eurovision was amazing, a really good event and we even blagged a load of free booze on the plane out there by casually dropping into conversation that we were recently engaged ;)

  5. Great month – I started doing some kindle writing a few years ago but never stuck with it. I really need to get back into it soon to get some side income going. What kind of writing do you do – fiction or non fiction?

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