(late) 2016 annual accounts

(late) 2016 annual accounts

I was pretty ill over towards the end of 2016 with bronchitis so didn’t get round to doing an annual sum-up back then. Instead I’ll look at the 12 months from Jan 2016 – Jan 2017. Here’s a late and brief summery:


Total income for this year was: £73,177.17

Total expenses for this year was: £32,577.26

Of that total expenses, £9,909.91 was wedding related so can be written off (assuming I don’t get married again!). Total expenses less wedding costs was: £22,677.35.


An overall savings total of £40,599.91 (£50,509.82 without wedding expenses).

A savings rate of 55% (69% without wedding expenses)


Networth increased from £71,824.70 to £122,464

An increase of £50,639.30 which is a 70%.


4 thoughts on “(late) 2016 annual accounts

  1. Congratulations Guy. Exceptional disposable income numbers. I’m excited for you to get passed paying for the wedding and reducing that mortgage/investing the rest. Here’s to an even more successful 2017!

    • Roughly £10k was down to mortgage & bills
      £3k was a new motorbike
      £2k was business expenses (3G dongle subs, new laptops, matched-betting subscriptions, website hosting)

      Leaving 7k for food, entertainment, petrol etc

  2. That’s a pretty impressive spend for a whole year.

    My husband and I are retired, have no related work expenses (though we do travel quite a bit) and I have just completed our Jan-June 2017 spend analysis which comes in at about half your annual spend. We don’t have a mortgage and we didn’t buy a motorbike!

    Well done

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