February 2017 Income/Expenses

February 2017 Income/Expenses

It was payday yesterday so time for last month’s income/expenses. In February I focused on improving the MBG blog by adding more links through to various bookmaker offers. There’s a few similar blogs I’ve seen where they basically list out every offer available everday however I just haven’t got the time for that. Instead I’m going to focus on the initial signup offers and then going into more depth about some of the advanced by repeatable reload offers that the bookies keep coming out with.  I was disappointed to receive our annual mortgage statement and see that 50% of all our payments went purely on interest. I guess that’s what happens when you stop making mortgage overpayments and demonstrates just how financially valuable doing so can be. I’m hoping that after the wedding we can take the money we were previously saving each month for that and start hammering the mortgage overpayments again. Doing so would reduce the outstanding mortgage term from 22 years down to just 9! Sounds pretty awesome to me. Finally we went away for a music weekend last week, our last holiday together as an unmarried couple!  It was a great 4 days, and very cheap thanks to a local Weatherspoons providing us with cheap food & drink.

From Matched Betting I made a very decent £2,232.20 in February. A couple of big wins on the casino coupled with generous donations from Paddy Power & William Hill helped keep what has always been the quietest month pretty active. As always, I’ve written a more detailed list of some of the most profitable offers over at the MatchedBettingGuy Blog.

I’ve no idea what Amazon are smoking but I certainly want some! Despite de-listing all of my books they continue to send me money each month. I’ve no idea why, but I’m not going to question it. For some strange reason Amazon decided to send me £96.02.

I’ve also started building up an affiliate income stream from the Matched Betting guide sites I recommend. I personally use a couple of guide sites and truly believe they are well worth the investment. Affiliate income paid at the end of February was £348.51

On to the report:


Salary: £2,110.49

Pension Contributions: £600

Matched Betting: £2,232.20

Kindle Publishing: £96.02

Affiliates: £348.51

Total: £5,387.22 (-15%)


Mortgage/Bills: £967.50

Groceries: £193.02

Petrol (Gas):  £129.66

Maintainance/DIY: £133.99

Eating out: £116.72

Healthcare: £10.87

Entertainment: £199.84

Wedding: £500

Business: £212.17

Other: £492.79

Total: £2,856.57 (-19%)

A savings difference of £2,530.65 which is 47%.


House Equity:  £39,000

Cash in bank: £29,385.10

Cash in betting accounts: £11,536.94

ISA Investments: £12,967.55

Pension 1: £18,798.97

Pension 2: £11,254.86

Pension 3: £4,374.49

Total Networth: £127,317  (+4%)

Another expensive month as it was time for my new bikes first service & insurance renewal. We also had a high entertainment expense month due to the stay-cation last weekend. Despite both of those I still saw an awesome £4.8k networth rise as all investments continue to compound.

5 thoughts on “February 2017 Income/Expenses

  1. Another good month.

    What are you going to use the cash you are building for? It seems your cash balance is getting pretty high. Is that your Emergency Fund along with other near term purchases?

    Could you state 10k is Emergency fund, 5k vacation fund, 5k taxes (just tossing out ideas). Once your near term spending is “fully funded”, then put the overage to “work” in a post-tax investment account.

    You could go 50-50 stocks/bonds in taxable to keep it a bit safer. Just an idea.

    • Wade, good to hear from you. How are things?

      I’m keeping cash high at the moment for 2 reasons:

      – Keeping some behind for unexpected last minute wedding/honeymoon expenses
      – There’s a matched-betting offer on at the moment which requires access to large amounts of cash very quickly. It’s due to end soon though.

      Plan is to chuck most of the cash savings at mortgage overpayments and investments once all the wedding stuff is complete!

  2. I really like the way Matched Betting has contributed a quarter of your net worth in not much more than a year.

    Just goes to show what focus can achieve!

    Love both your blogs Guy.



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