February 2016 Income/Expenses

February 2016 Income/Expenses

It was payday yesterday which means time for this month’s Income/Expenses!

I think it’s important to keep track of your income/expenses every month as it allows you to spot trends and areas for improvement. I find it really useful to track the spending changes each month, and really motivating to see the networth improvements. Sometimes it can seem like financial independence is so far away, but by watching your networth steadily increasing you’ll know you will reach that point eventually. I’ve created a new page to keep track of total networth, you can find it here.

This past month my whole focus has been on trying to generate new income streams and as such I havn’t had a chance to update the blog. I’ve got some really exciting new ideas in the pipeline and hope to give you all a detailed update soon!

My two main side incomes at the moment are Matched-Betting and Kindle Publishing (under the helpful guidance of Huw). So, how did they do in February?

Matched Betting returned me almost dead on £900 in February. All of this was due to repeatable offers and a couple of decent casino offers on the last day of the month which netted £200! I’ve also started coaching in Matched Betting as well as writing a guide which will be available on Amazon soon. If you’re interested in learning about Matched Betting but don’t know where to start, or would rather place your first bets risk-free with someone double checking everything please get in touch on the Contact Me page. I charge £50 to begin with but guarantee you’ll make at least £100 by the end of the coaching.

Kindle Publishing has continued to grow. I have 20 short books out in various combinations and 1 full book. I received by first payment from Amazon for December’s kindle publishing which came to £175.

Google Analytics tells me we’ve had 4,200 pageviews from 1,228 users. I’ve also joined the cool kids and started a Twitter account to post updates and a few random thoughts. Please feel free to ‘add me’ or whatever the Twitter equivalent is. I’m @EarlyRetireGuy


This month I’m going to be making a couple of changes to the report to better reflect the income/expenses and networth. I’ll be counting all matched betting profits as income and recording the total value of cash held in bookie accounts with networth. I’ve also simplified the house equity split following our remortgage.

On to the report:


Salary: £1,894.83

Pension Contributions: £506

Share Save: £250

Matched Betting: £900

Matched Betting Coaching: £100

Kindle Publishing: £175

Total: £3,825.83 (+49.72%)


Mortgage/Bills: £918

Groceries: £113.47

Petrol (Gas):  £0

Maintainance/DIY: £0

Eating out: £64.24

Healthcare: £0

Entertainment: £73.4

Wedding: £97.5

Business: £177.98

Other: £233.02

Total: £1,677.61 (-6.64%)

A savings difference of £2,148.22 which is 56%.


House Equity:  £35,000

Cash in bank: £3,030.70

Cash in betting accounts: £3,661.16

ISA Investments: £6,978.97

Sharesave: £750

Pension 1: £15,911.87

Pension 2: £6,492

Total Networth: £71,824.70 (+10.28%)

A huge jump in Networth! This is thanks to an awesome month of income (my highest ever!), a decent recovery in pension & ISA investments and the inclusion of all my betting account funds.

13 thoughts on “February 2016 Income/Expenses

  1. Congratulations Guy. Awesome month!

    The funny thing is you’re likely to look back and expect this income as standard over the next few months when your kindle income starts kicking in.

    Great work on the Matched Betting front. Consistent, expense covering profits! If I have the time to pick it up, I’ll certainly take you up on the coaching.

    How much are you looking to earn before you question leaving your job? Is there a number?

    • Great question! I hadn’t really thought about it in terms of ‘how much’ but more a case of ‘for how long’. I’d probably need to see it at a sustained level for multiple months in a row before I’d consider quitting. At the moment it’s too fragile as I could be banned from every bookie and Amazon could pull it’s KENP payouts tomorrow and I’d be broke.

      • Brilliant month on the income there Guy!

        Agreed on the conservative viewpoint you’re taking here. I saw another blogger that quit their job and in all honesty there was not that much income apart from the MB stuff. This worried me somewhat! It should be OK as I think there is definitely enough legs in it to keep your expenses paid while you work on building other income streams, but still, it seemed a bit rash.

        On the other hand, I thought going part time was a bit of a rash decision but that has worked out fine and dandy so far, it’s amazing what other income you can find out there if you just look for it.

        I’d like to hear what casino offers you won the £200 on and what tactics you used to get that, if you wouldn’t mind divulging that info?
        I’ll swap you some info in exchange… The £500 I won was on an 888 casino £5 worth of free spins and I used it on Wild Gambler (I think that is what it’s called. The one with the lion on the picture). It allows you to hold wild cards so I just hold a few of those, and do about £1 per spin, hope to hit a “big” win early doors then keep upping the number of wildcards and hope to keep hitting bigger and bigger wins. You either bust out very quickly or hit the big win so you don’t waste ages on autoplay like most of the other games on there.
        I played it up to about £80 I think and was about to quit as I’d reached the staking requirements, and then it span in 10 free spins at about £40 per spin, and just went mental and kept spinning up to £500! I couldn’t believe my eyes or that they’d actually pay it out but it’s hit my bank account now… amazing.
        I love wild gambler :) and Matched Betting of course

        • Thanks TFS. I know of several people who do matched-betting full time however I’m still a long way off from that. Kindle income is going to take a huge jump at the end of this month and I’m on course for a record-breaking matched betting month for me also so perhaps my view will change after seeing March’s total income? Huw thinks I’m made for not handing in my notice already ;)

          Nothing special for the casino offers. Same as you really – Free spins which made about £10 with a huge wagering requirement so went in big and done a few high value spins hoping to win big or bust out. A couple of these then won big so I made £100 and 2x £50.

  2. You’re on a roll buddy; a 10% increase in net worth and saving rate above 50% is pretty incredible!! Keep up the awesome work! :)

    I’m new to your blog… I’ve never heard of match betting (must be a UK thing).. and the kindle income is awesome.. I’m curious. what are your books about?

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